we organize

Unique conferences and trainings on capital markets, finance, energy, real estate, low and taxes. In our projects participate industry professionals, experts and journalists with extensive knowledge and proven experience.

  • Sectors of interests::

    Arranging detailed training and conference proposition
    Choosing the subject, experts and partners for the event
    Running a conference and moderating a pannel.

    Sectors of interests:

    • Financial/capital market
    • Energy
    • Chemistry/agro
    • Municipal
    • Ecology
    • Tax
    • Real estate
    • Media training

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  • Sectors of interests:

    1. Capital markets, i.e.:

    • Technical analisys – practical aspects
    • Stock exchange analyst – training
    • Financial advisor – training
    • Futures contracts in practice
    • Reading the financial reports
    • Visionary leaders – one month with speculator’s agenda
    Trainings for IPO and listed companies, i.e.:
    • Disclosure recuirements and investors relations in practice
    • Communication at stock exchange companies
    • A company on NewConnect – specific objectives and duties.
    2. Media training with interpersonal aspect.

    3. Tax training, i.e.:

    • Corporate tax optimization, tax optimization in real estate investments.